Are we…

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“Are we free agents? or are we at the mercy of our genes, cultures and beliefs?”

Matter of choice isn’t it? What we choose to be restricting will restrict us. But being free is really about exploding ouf of a bubble that defines our self in opposition to the other.  Being a free agent is to know, understand, and respect the self and the other and not feel the need to express oneself at the expense of another.  Isn’t that freedom? To really control yourself magically? Isn’t that the hardest thing for people to do? We all want to be heard, but how many of us can listen without shooting back from our cauldron of words? Not too many. 

Thoughts credited to Aminah Assilimi, Tareq Ramadan, and life. 

 Didn’t think i would say this… but it’s kinda fun having a flu.



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On faith-based schools:

We should be working towards introducing comprehensive religious courses and inclusive models within the existing elementary and high schools. Why exhaust our energies to bring something new for a few, when we can contribute to bettering the entire system for the majority?

That should be our position in everything we do…


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By inconsistency of humans, cultures and nations.   How do we promote equality and assure the world we are all but one nation through selective justice? If one form of racism is criminal, shouldn’t all forms of racism be criminal too?